Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Who owns my data?

    A: All data you collect belongs to you. We respect our customer's privacy and your results will remain completely confidential! See the Terms & Conditions.

  • Q: Is my data kept private and secure?

    A: We take our users' security and privacy very seriously. It is the only way for us to stay in this line of business. Our specialists utilize the most advanced technology for Internet security commercially available today and use the best practices and industry-standard secure coding guidelines to ensure secure coding.

  • Q: Are the responses to surveys always anonymous?

    A: Yes, all the responses are anonymous at all times.

  • Q: Can I track who has responded?

    A: You can conduct both, tracked or anonymous surveys. (if you wish to use the tracking option you need to distribute the survey through our built-in email system).

  • Q: Are the features provided different from one pricing plan to another?

    A: No, in all plans you have access to all the features. For the FREE plan there is a limitation to the number of responses/survey and the number of questions/questionnaire.

  • Q: Can I export my reports?

    A: Yes you can export all your reports to Excel and Word files.

  • Q: Can I produce my own charts?

    A: Yes, all tables can be exported to Excel file.

  • Q: Do you provide multi-user accounts?

    A: No, we only provide single-user account. Anyway you may provide access to any report to anyone you like.

  • Q: What happens with my account if I do not extend my subscription or don't charge my account?

    A: Your account remains active and functional but returns to a Free account status, limited to creating studies with maximum 10 questions and 100 responses.

  • Q: How long do you keep my data?

    A: All your data (studies, responses, questionnaires, lists) are kept as along as your account is not cancelled by you. We do not cancel accounts unless you specifically request it.

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